Envirocast® Residential Walls

Limitless in scope, Envirocast Walls are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your project-specific requirements. Our entire line of Envirocast Wall products offer the versatility of pre-insulated walls coupled with the strength and durability of concrete. Envirocast Walls are ideal for various residential applications, and excel in speed of installation, saving both time and money on the job site.

  • The walls may be stacked for multi-level buildings or for residential basement walls with above grade walls on top. We can provide pre-stressed hollow core slabs for floor applications upon request.
  • Envirocast Residential Walls are dynamic and can take on many shapes, forms, and functions. Custom sizes are available to meet your project-specific requirements.
  • The wall structural system consists of reinforced vertical and horizontal integral concrete studs and “bond beams” that provide vertical and horizontal flexural, and shear capacity to meet all national, state, and local building codes.
  • Wire mesh reinforcing may be added to enhance in-plane shear capacity.
  • The insulating properties are achieved by a core of EPS insulation. R-Values vary depending on actual configuration, but typical values for the 9′-3 ⅝” and 10′-0″ walls are R 23, while the 12′-0″ wall comes in at R 19.2. These values make these walls very attractive when considering the 2012 Energy Code requirements for walls.
  • For versatility and value, 1 ⅝” or 2 ½”, 20-gauge metal studs finish out the inside of the wall, making it ready to receive the wall finish of your choice.
  • Walls have been tested for UL1715 burn testing and achieved a passing score.
  • Walls can accommodate other important features, including brick ledges, slab support ledges, beam pockets, and treated wood framing around window and door openings. Other precast accessories can be provided like footings, headers, columns, etc. for special applications.
  • The shiplap joint design and high strength concrete offer excellent damp-proofing qualities.
  • The Envirocast Residential Wall is available in a variety of finishes. From smooth to broom to brick stamp and more.




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