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Prefabricated walls from Envirocast are innovative prefabricated precast concrete walls designed and engineered for the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial building industry. The Envirocast Prefabricated Wall System delivers the strength, versatility and durability of concrete while providing the extra benefits of insulation, design flexibility and speed of construction. Large home builders, project developers, architects, engineers and precast concrete manufacturers are embracing Envirocast prefabricated wall systems as an improved alternative to stick built and concrete block construction.

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speed of installation

TIME MATTERS – When time is a priority and quality is a requirement, builders turn to Envirocast prefabricated wall systems. Envirocast prefabricated walls are engineered and designed to increase speed of construction. They feature flexible designs that are highly adaptable and have been engineered to fit a variety of applications. Envirocast walls can be easily sized to meet specific project requirements.
Large home builders, project developers, architects, engineers are embracing Envirocast wall systems as an improved alternative to stick built and concrete block construction.

Envirocast precast residential and commercial walls are durable high strength, fiber reinforced walls, pre-insulated and pre-studded in a climate controlled environment. Prefabricated Envirocast walls can be installed in hours and come ready for electrical and drywall on the inside, and ready for paint on the outside.

Integral reinforced horizontal and vertical concrete studs and “bond beams” provide horizontal and vertical flexural and sheer capacity to meet all national, state, and local building codes.

Steel rebar is used to structurally reinforce the precast concrete wall unit. Wire mesh reinforcing may be added to enhance in-plane shear capacity.

Insulation properties are achieved with Core EPS Insulation. Wall R-values will vary depending on actual wall configuration, R-values comply with the 2021 Energy Code requirements for walls.

20 guage integral metal studs complete the interior of the wall making it ready to receive the wall finish.

9 processes in 1 step

trade consolidation

TRADE CHALLENGES – Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) Construction requires multiple trades and process steps that are interdependent and time consuming. CMU trades also require valuable dedicated site space for materials, and costly time for post trade site clean up.

CMU Construction typically includes installation of:

  • steel rebar reinforcing
  • Concrete Masonry Units
  • electrical access conduits & boxes in CMUs
  • grout within reinforced CMU cavities
  • insulation in non-reinforced CMUs
  • interior or exterior vapor barriers
  • furring strips
  • door & window framing
  • exterior cementitious finish or EIFS

TRADE CONSOLIDATION – Envirocast walls combine the work of multiple trades, eliminating costly time from the construction schedule as well as the delays often resulting from interdependent trades. Same day wall installation requires no long term site space or costly site clean up.

Envirocast Walls typically include installation of:
-Installation of completed wall units

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fastest basement walls

RESIDENTIAL basement walls

FASTEST RESIDENTIAL BASEMENT WALL SOLUTION – The Envirocast wall system is designed to install finish-ready basement walls in a matter of hours, instead of days or even weeks building out traditional basement walls. Envirocast provides an all inclusive basement wall system, ready to receive electrical and the finishing drywall. As with above grade Envirocast wall systems, every Envirocast basement wall system is plant manufactured in a quality and climate controlled environment while excavation is being performed on-site, allowing for immediate installation of basement walls.

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