Envirocast Industrial Knee Walls offer the versatility of pre-insulated walls coupled with the strength and durability of concrete. Envirocast Knee Walls are available in a standard 8-foot-tall “hardwall” configuration for metal buildings and reduce installation time from days to just hours.

Offered in various lengths, Envirocast Knee Walls allow for various column “bay” spacings. Knee Walls are available in 6, 8, and 10-foot heights. Standard sizes can be adjusted to meet intermediate and end conditions according to project-specific requirements. For unique projects, custom solutions are also available.

Vertical industrial walls are also available in heights of up to 36 feet.

Boasting flexibility of design, energy efficiency, and durability, the Envirocast Industrial Line provides everything you need to meet today’s demanding building code requirements, energy efficiency expectations, and tight construction timelines.

Connection Types

The Envirocast Knee Wall also provides for an excellent insulated building envelope without adding expensive or time-consuming insulation to the wall since the insulation is already built in. Envirocast Knee Wall meets or exceeds the 2012 Energy Codes that many municipalities are now requiring.


A variety of connection types can be employed to suit your needs. For the top connections, the tiebacks can be easily achieved by use of “Halfen” anchor channels with the straps welded to steel angles which are welded to the primary building columns. For the base connections, solid concrete areas are provided for bolted attachment of a clip angle which is bolted to the floor slab with a variety of post-installed anchors depending on project specific requirements.


The Envirocast Knee Wall is also available in a variety of finishes. From smooth to broom to brick stamp and more, the Envirocast Knee Wall is also a versatile component of the building facade.



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