About Envirocast®

Envirocast has its roots in Tennessee but is innovating home and building construction worldwide. The development of the Envirocast Wall System was driven by the need to improve the construction process for single and multi-family residential homes as well as commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

Envirocast is a modular prefabricated precast concrete wall system designed for residential, commercial, and institutional projects. The Envirocast family of walls includes;

Envirocast walls are suitable for use in single family and multi-family residential applications, as well as light commercial and institutional applications.

Envirocast walls are offered in a variety of heights, depending on application, including 9′-3 5/8″, 10′-0″, 11′-0″, 12′-0″, & 13′-8″, with custom sizes available to meet your project specific requirements. These walls can be adapted to a variety of light commercial applications as well, such as storage, office building, warehouses, or any project requiring walls up to 36′ requirements. Rather than being a fixed product limited by design, the Envirocast Residential Walls are dynamic and can take on many shapes, forms, and functions.

The wall structural system consists of reinforced vertical and horizontal integral concrete studs and “bond beams” that provide vertical and horizontal flexural and shear capacity to meet all National, State, and local Building Codes. Wire mesh reinforcing may be added to enhance in-plane shear capacity.

Envirocast above grade residential walls and below grade basement walls are designed and engineered to consolidate several trades on a jobsite by combining them into a single prefabricated wall solution. From the exterior finish to the interior studs and insulation, Envirocast walls install in hours and are ready for electrical and interior drywall the same day.

We look forward to showing you how Envirocast prefabricated walls can help save time and money on your next project!

Our Values

At Envirocast we are committed to SIMPLIFYING & ACCELERATING Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Construction.

Safety: Everyone goes home safe. Proactive safety planning and management remains an integral part of our company culture.

Quality: We are committed to exceeding your expectations by delivering the highest quality prefabricated above grade exterior walls and below grade basement walls for residential, commercial, industrial, & institutional construction.

Customer Service: Our customers come first. We strive to continually improve our training, tools, and processes to provide industry best customer service. We are listening, and we hear you!

Integrity: We vow to consistently follow our values, methods, and principles in how we treat our customers and how we conduct our business.

Our Promises: We say what we mean and mean what we say. We take great pride in keeping our promises.



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